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For new visitors, welcome!  I don’t update our blog very often, unfortunately, but we post two videos a week on our YouTube channel!  If you’d like to see who we are and what we’re up to, go on over to All Over the Map on YouTube!

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Six Months Later…

It’s been six months since my last post, can you believe it?  I actually did that on purpose, and I’ll get real honest and tell you why.  After two whole years of planning this full-time RVing adventure, getting on the road finally and loving it, I was fairly devastated when the truck broke down.  We were on the road for less than two months.  It sucked, and I was crushed, and I couldn’t bear to try blogging about what we were doing to keep busy in Alamogordo.  Don’t get me wrong.. New Mexico was fine and not a bad place to be stuck for six months.. but we definitely weren’t planning on that.


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The Best Laid Plans..

Now, I’m not a superstitious person, but I think Doug and I jinxed ourselves.  We’d heard so many horror stories of things going wrong when people launched their full-time traveling plans that when we didn’t have anything major go wrong, we got a little cocky.  I mean, we did have some trouble – the open neutral fried some of our electronics, the landing jacks had a big problem, etc.. but it was all easily manageable.  So we were all, “Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with those people, we’ve had it pretty easy!”

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

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Hamilton Pool

by Lachlann Raum


Hamilton Pool is a natural swimming hole about 30 minutes away from Austin, Texas.  Located in Dripping Springs, the preserve has forests that look like the jungle, lots of wildlife, several trails, rocks to climb on, a waterfall, and a river.  That’s why, on our one Saturday in Austin, we chose to go to Hamilton Pool.

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Carlsbad Recap

The drive from Austin to our next destination, Carlsbad, was farther than we wanted to drive in one day, so we decided to stop for two nights at San Angelo State Park in, you guessed it, San Angelo, Texas.  We weren’t expecting much – I had an idea of what to do with the kids while we were there, but the campground was so much fun that we just stayed ‘in’ – by which I mean, played outside the whole time.  We lucked out and got a pull-through in a pretty empty area of the park, so the kids had tons of space.  Thankfully, we didn’t have to unhitch because we were still using the manual crank for the landing jacks.  Surprisingly, we had a little bit of wi-fi there, which was great – but of course, there were no sewer hook-ups.  We both wished we’d stayed there a bit longer – San Angelo State Park was that nice.



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Austin Recap

Austin has been our favorite stop so far, hands down.  I will admit that a good part of this is due to the fact that we had amazing friends drive down from Dallas to visit with us for a few days!  Man, I didn’t realize how lonely I’d been feeling until getting to hang out with friends!  We had an awesome time – part just hanging out at playgrounds, part sightseeing, part swimming at their hotel.  So.  Much.  Fun.  Here’s our recap of everything we did while in Austin:

Hwy 71 RV Park

I typically get a little nervous about booking spots in RV parks (vs. state parks).  I never know how run-down they’re going to be.  They never look anything like the photos online.  In some ways, Hwy 71 RV Park was that way – it didn’t look much like the website showed it.  However, everyone was friendly, the sites were clean ,the bathrooms were wonderful (private, residential style bathrooms), all the utilities worked well, the laundry was more than sufficient, and we were able to get mail delivered.  The park is conveniently located between Bastrop and Austin – it’s easier to go into Bastrop for your shopping needs (about a 15 minute drive), but Austin is only about 20 minutes away – if there’s no traffic.  So.. despite the park having some super old permanent trailers and not letting the kids roam around unsupervised, we’d definitely go back.

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Houston Recap

After New Orleans, we wanted to go over to Houston, but it’s too long of a drive for us to do straight through.  We decided to spend two nights in Lafayette, Louisiana at Acadiana Park Campground.  It’s a city-run park and, in many ways, really lovely.  It’s small, quiet, and nestled in the woods.  There isn’t much privacy, but the sites aren’t right on top of each other, either (though I wouldn’t call them spaced far apart, either).  The one drawback to this park – most of the sites were not level, and many had relatively steep drops immediately along the paved parking pads.  In other words, if you’re not great at backing up yet and sometimes end up in the grass, it can be really nerve-wracking.  There are also some tight turns and trees right alongside the road that can make driving through and backing up a bit nerve-wracking.  We had planned to do some sight-seeing while we were there, but the playground was literally directly behind our site, so the kids opted to spend the entire day playing outside.

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