About The Raum Family


We’re the Raum family:  Doug, Rachel, Colwyn, Lachlann, Fiona, and Niall.  We’re from Boston, but moved to Orlando in November 2014.  Now we’re waiting for our lease to be up in November so we can travel full-time in our RV.  I’m already a stay at home mom and I homeschool the kids (which we’ve done from the start).  Doug is a software engineer and will be working remotely while we travel.


We also have a house full of pets that will (hopefully) travel with us!    Our dog, Luna, is a one-year-old pointer/boxer mix.  She’s super friendly, lovey to the extreme, and absolutely nuts.  Our cats are Indy, Milky Way, and Moxie.  Indy is Colwyn’s “son” – a birthday present in 2010.  Milky Way and Moxie are siblings, a Mother’s Day gift for me in 2012.  Lachlann has his own pet as well, a leopard gecko named Lea (it was Leo until we found out that she’s a she), and Fiona has a betta named Blue.