Crystal River Archaeological State Park

-by Lachlann Raum

Hello! This is an educational blog post about Crystal River Archaeological State Park. I hope you enjoy and decide to come here yourself! It is important to come here because this is a very historical site and there are lots of amazing things to see and do. Did you know that the temple mounds here were important ceremonial sites about 1,600 years ago?


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Settling In

Man, moving into an RV is hard.  It’s been a busy week full of trying to find places for things, figuring out how the various systems work, and running to Walmart, Home Depot, little mom and pop hardware stores, and grocery stores.  I knew we’d have to buy a bunch of “RV stuff” when we moved in, but oy.  And we still have an enormous list of accessories we really should get soon.

Most of the true “RV accessories” we ordered before we moved out of the apartment.  But once we got to our campground and attempted to actually live in our RV, it became apparent that we were a bit unprepared.  We needed new curtains for the bunkroom, as the kids were complaining that the ones in there were dusty and making them sneeze (and ugly as hell).  I was just going to use valanced, but Walmart didn’t have enough of the right color.  So I had to get regular panels, cut them in half, and sew them.  Niall needed a ladder and a rail for his upper bunk – but there are no RV supply stores around that carried them.  After several failures, we settled on making our own out of PVC pipes, glue, paracord, L-brackets, and spray paint.


One failed attempt at a bedrail.

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New Year, New Home!

We launched our new full-time traveling lifestyle today!  It’s pretty appropriate that it’s the start of a new year, isn’t it?


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Merry Christmas!

There’s usually a bit of disappointment after all the presents are unwrapped, but honestly, I feel nothing but relief this year!  Don’t get me wrong.. we had an awesome Christmas.


It was quiet, the kids were happy with their presents (bikes from Santa!), and we all had a lovely, relaxing day.  But now I can put the Christmas decorations away (what little we’re keeping, most are getting donated).  We can really get to work packing everything up.  We’re that much closer to launching!

I hope you had a great holiday, too!

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Things Are Getting Real!

We’ve been planning to hit the road for two years now.  It’s been a long, tedious process with lots of setbacks.  Maybe that’s why it feels so surreal to say this, but… we bought a fifth wheel!  As per normal for us, there were some hiccups with the process, but everything is finalized and we’re just waiting for them to deliver it to us – a 2006 Keystone Montana Mountaineer 342 PHT.  It’s a little older than we wanted, but it turns out it’s pretty hard to find quad bunkhouses (ie, four bunkbeds) that have a sufficient amount of cargo capacity.  This fifth wheel has four beds in the bunkhouse and a 3700 lb cargo capacity.


It’s been such a roller coaster and we have such a mix of feelings – relief, excitement, fear, worry, etc, etc.  It’s been a little overwhelming.  We’re trying to sell furniture, clothes, toys, etc, pack up what we want to put into storage, clean the apartment thoroughly, and still have a good Christmas.  Doug’s trying to split his time between working in the evenings and figuring out what accessories are absolute necessities for us to hit the road, and how all the RV systems work.

But it’s really happening!  I just spent a fair bit of time calling RV parks in Central Florida to find our first spot, and man, was that hard!  I knew everyone would be booked, but yikes.  I did find a spot for us in what seems to be a nice park about an hour and a half northwest of us, so our first two weeks are taken care of.  Now to figure out the third week!

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Fiona Turns 9!

Our future veterinarian turned 9 this week!  Fiona had so much fun in Tampa and Clearwater when we went for Niall’s birthday that she decided she wanted to go back to celebrate hers.


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Tough Transitions

In any stage of life, there are always going to be difficulties – the “downsides” to the situation you’re in.  Sometimes they’re not so bad – if you’re lucky, they’re barely noticeable.  Sometimes they’re overwhelming.

We’re not in an overwhelming period, don’t get me wrong.  We’re working hard and looking forward and enjoying what we have right now.  But there are difficulties.. and these difficulties have made it hard to want to document what we’re doing.

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