New Year, New Home!

We launched our new full-time traveling lifestyle today!  It’s pretty appropriate that it’s the start of a new year, isn’t it?


So despite our excitement for this day, we were also dreading it a fair bit.  A lot of the dread came from the sheer amount of work entailed – we spent most of Saturday moving things from the apartment to either storage or the RV.  Sunday morning, we loaded up the last of our things and cleaned the apartment as best we could.  We’re not expecting to get our security deposit back (we keep things clean, but with four kids, a dog, and three cats, things happen).  But you still gotta clean, you know?  Whew, it was exhausting.  I will say this – I am SO grateful that our children are so helpful!  I did feel really bad for Doug, though, who had to make many trips up and down that awful flight of stairs with the stuff that was too heavy for Colwyn and Lachlann.

We were about two and a half hours late leaving the apartment, which we knew meant we’d get to the campground after dark.  I wasn’t terribly worried about that, since we had a pull-through site booked.  It took us a little while to get the RV hooked up (Doug also had to finish installing the Andersen Ultimate hitch on the RV), but we got there in the end.  I was expecting any manner of catastrophe to befall us on the two hour drive to our campground – pretty much everyone has a launch horror story.  But Doug did an excellent job towing the fifth wheel with his ‘new’ truck (a Dodge Ram 3500 dually) and we got to the campground without any problems!

At the campground was another story.. I went ahead to look for our spot, and half a dozen trucks were blocking the pull-through area.  We could still back in, of course, but I was hoping that when we pulled around with the RV, the truck owners would move their vehicles (they were all having a big party across the street).  Thankfully everyone was nice and moved their trucks as soon as Doug said we were trying to move into one of the pull-through sites.

Another minor hiccup – it took us quite a bit to get unhitched.  There wasn’t actually anything wrong, we were just too over-cautious.  The motors that lift the RV up off the hitch sounded like they were struggling, and we thought that maybe somehow the hitch was stuck.  Nope!  We went and plugged the RV into the power pedestal and the motor sounded much better.  Ooops.

So we had arrived at the campground around 6pm, but we weren’t really inside and ready to figure out dinner until about 8pm.  Doug ran out  to the only Chinese food place that was open so we could have our traditional New Year’s Eve dinner – and it was, hands-down, the most satisfying Chinese food ever!

We’re looking forward to exploring the campground and the Crystal River area once we get settled!  Happy New Year!

For more of a glimpse into our launch, check out our YouTube video:

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