Getting Our Skate on at Rye Airfield

Rye Airfield, a skate park in Rye, New Hampshire, has a homeschool session at discounted rates one day a week during the school year.  When we lived in Maine, it was something I really wanted to do, but Niall was so young and oblivious, taking him to a skate park just seemed like a really bad idea.  While he’s still pretty oblivious (I mean, come on, all kids are), we decided we had to try it out while we’re up here.

We met up with two of our best friends and had an absolute blast!  They relax a lot of the rules during the homeschool session, so kids are allowed to bring balls and toys, they can slide down the ramps, and parents can be out there with the kids, too.  Rye Airfield rents all the equipment you could possibly need, including skateboards and scooters.  The kids were a little annoyed to have to wear pads since we only insist on helmets at home, but it’s definitely a good idea to be fully equipped in safety gear at a skate park.

I didn’t get any stills at all, since the kids were moving so fast all the time, but I did get a lot of video!  Check it out!



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