Luna Goes Crazy!

Like most dogs, Luna loves being off leash.  She gets what the kids call ‘the zoomies’ where she sprints back and forth around us.  In Massachusetts, there aren’t  many beaches where you can let your dog off lease – in the summer, that is.  During the winter, lots of beaches allow dogs to be off leash (or at least, just don’t enforce the leash law).  Our favorite is Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, mainly because there’s always lots of dogs.

The beauty of staying on Plum Island, though, is that we (meaning mostly Doug) got to take Luna to the  beach almost every day.  At some point in the afternoon, he’d take a break and they’d walk across the street to the beach and Luna would get to run off leash.  I think that was both of their favorite things about our trip to Massachusetts.

Here’s a video of us all at the beach, in both nice weather and not-so-nice weather!

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