Plum Island Beach Cottage

Well, we made it to Massachusetts!  Actually, we arrived a few days ago, but we just now got my laptop hooked up, so I’m a bit delayed in chronicling our trip.  I also don’t have that many photos because it was truly a whirlwind of a week.

The timing of Thanksgiving right before our move really was serendipitous.  We had two whole extra days of Doug being home to sort through stuff, pack things up, and load up our storage unit.  While it was a lot of work, it was way less work than our move from Maine to Florida.  We were able to space it out over several days, which was a huge help.  Doug and I were able to do the bulk of the work, without help from Mom, Dad, and Kristine like we had in Maine, and the boys didn’t have to help quite as much as last time (though they were very helpful).  We did have some nail-biting – we had ordered a hitch for our car through U-Haul so we could pull a small trailer.  It was supposed to arrive in time for it to be installed on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but it ended up not arriving until Monday afternoon, and we were set to leave on Wednesday morning.  It ended up working out, but we were really nervous over the weekend!


Despite it being an easier move overall, we were still up ridiculously late the night before, mainly cleaning the house.  We thought we would have tons of extra room in the trailer, but it ended up being a tight fit.  Thankfully, we have a roof storage bag for the car that we had decided not to use, so we’ll definitely use it when we leave here.  Around 2am, we decided to just call it quits with the cleaning because we were fed up.*

It took longer to get going in the morning than we thought, so we didn’t arrive at the hotel I’d booked until about midnight.  We got to the cottage the next day a little earlier, but it was still about 10pm.  We hadn’t really anticipated how much slower we’d be driving with the trailer (which was really nerve-wracking at points – it had us laughing at how terrified we’ll be pulling an actual RV for the first time, oh boy!).

My sister arrived a little early and set up some Christmas decorations, which was super sweet.  Mostly we were just glad to be able to see her and get hugs.  The cottage itself is really adorable, and I’ll write a more in-depth post about it, maybe tomorrow (along with a post about the hotel we stayed at).  It’s small, which is good practice for the RV, kind of old and rickety, but so charming and pretty.  It’s in an amazing location and the kids are LOVING being able to go to the beach whenever they want – even though it’s only been about 40 degrees!


So, anyway.. we’re settling in and trying to find spots to put away all our junk, but mostly we’re enjoying spending time with our family!  I’ve got several playdates set up for this week, too!  We’re really happy to be back ‘home’ for an extended vacation!



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