Purging: Stage Two

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote, and I’m sorry about that.  We’ve been hard at work sorting, pricing, packing, etc.  Our house looks awful and while it’s not anything I wasn’t expecting, I wasn’t expecting it to be so discouraging.  I’ve never been much of a housekeeper, and we don’t have the finest things, but one of the things I really loved about this house was that there was so much space, it was easy to keep the surfaces clear of clutter, and easy to clean.  Now my dining room looks like this:


This is all stuff we want to sell.  The are at least a half dozen other bins just out of frame, as well.  We’re working on moving some stuff out of the garage so we can put some of this in there, but it’s slow going because we can’t just put the garage stuff anywhere – it’s outdoors stuff that we can’t just leave beside the house, we have to find room for it on the lanai – or it’s inside stuff that will stay with the house, but I don’t want to add clutter now, of course.

We also have spaces like our altar, the tops of bookcases, end tables, etc that were lovely tablescapes and are now bare.  We’ve taken down all of our pictures, so the walls are bare, too.


What’s the big deal, right?  So it looks like we’re moving.  Well, for one – we haven’t done a whole lot of moves.  We were in our home in Massachusetts for ten years (and it was my parents’ home for an additional six years before that).  Then we moved to Maine for a year, and now we’ve been here for two years.  Also – when we move in, we unpack things and set up quicker than most (I’ve surveyed lots of friends).  And on the negative side, the last two times we moved, we did not do nearly as much early packing.  Moving from Massachusetts to Maine was not a big deal because my parents were still living at our home in MA, so we could take our time moving what we needed.  The move from Maine to Florida was absolutely awful, though, which is why we started this purging/packing process so early.  I do not want a repeat of that last awful day of trying to pack up what we needed and throw out the rest.

But I’m tired of my home looking like this.  I could probably organize it a bit better, but between boxes of yard sale fodder not being closed, the kids moving stuff around, and me continually adding to it.. this is what I get to look at in the living room.  It’s really not pleasant, is it?  It kind of makes me not want to write, and I end up spending most of my time working on the purging/packing stuff.  After all, I’m still not done with the Legos!


However, we are now entering into a new phase with the purging and packing!  Most of the stuff in the ‘common’ areas and most of mine and Doug’s stuff is all taken care of.  There are still a few things that it just doesn’t make sense to do now – like the kids books (pictured above on the white shelves) that we still read every night and will put into storage – they’ve been majorly culled, of course, but I’m not going to box them up now because what will we read at bedtime over the next two months?  But we’ve done a walk through of the living room, dining room, kitchen, our bedroom, and the Lego room, and we’ve got it all.

So now, with one month until the yard sale, we get to start going through the kids’ rooms.  Four kids, four rooms.  We’re going to gradually combine them into two rooms.  That will allow us to totally clean/stage two of the rooms (and we’ll close off those rooms when we’re done with them).  In the other two rooms, we’ll put the rental furnishings back the way they were (one room and two twin beds, and Fiona and Niall prefer to share a bed), and the kids will have access to the stuff they’re bringing in the RV.  Having the other two bedrooms unoccupied will also allow us to bring the rental furnishings/decor in from the garage, so we can use the garage to set up most of our stuff for the yard sale (our driveway and front yard is sloped, which makes setting up tables of stuff there difficult).


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