Purging Christmas (Decorations)

I love Christmas (well, really the Solstice, but we’ll say Christmas for simplicity’s sake).  I really do.  We have a lot of decorations, and I usually pick up a few things every year – at the very least, each kid picks out a new ornament.  We culled a lot when we moved from Massachusetts to Florida, so I had to rebuild a bit the last two Christmases.  This is our stash – a blue bin of ornaments, a clear bin of lights, stockings, and a giant yarn Santa head from my youth, a grey bin of Snowbabies, and a giant cardboard box of bigger items.


I have to say, culling the Christmas stuff was hard.  For one, it took all afternoon.  But aside from the fact that it took a long time to go through everything, it’s hard getting rid of stuff I really like.. whether it’s stuff I just bought 8 months ago, or stuff I’ve been using for a decade or more.

Honestly, I threw out a lot of it.  Between the kids, cats, and dogs, a lot of our ornaments and other decor had minor damage of some sort.  I don’t want to store it, I don’t want to bring it, but I can’t sell it, either.  But it sucks having to decide to throw out the ornaments I bought our first year in our first house, to replace the ones that got destroyed when our Charlie Brown tree fell over on top of the dog.  Or the pinecones the kids decorated with my mother years and years ago – she had them glue M&Ms on them, but most of the M&Ms fell off long ago, just leaving a bit of shell.

Another reason this was a difficult task – I don’t know what we’re going to do to decorate the RV for Christmas – mainly because we don’t have an RV yet.  I don’t know if we’ll have room for a skinny tree, or whether we’ll hang up a garland somewhere and hang ornaments off of that.  Or maybe we’ll put a tree outside.  I just don’t know.


In the end, I packed one box of decorations to come with us – mainly lights and our stockings (we each have two, knit stockings from my maternal grandmother, and felt ones from my dad’s side of the family).  But I also packed a selection of ornaments – the ones the kids have picked out, mainly, but some others, too, since the kids mainly pick out Disney Princesses or Star Wars characters or stuff like that.  That’s the clear bin on the bottom.  Clear bin on top is the Christmas decor I want to keep in storage – a few special items that are hard to replace (vintage or very sentimental).  The other two bins and the cardboard box are items for the garage sale.  The nicer items are in the grey bin, the ornaments I’ll probably sell for some nominal amount, $1 for the whole box or something.  People apparently sell Snowbabies on eBay for a respectable amount, so I’ll list those there rather than get $5 for them at a yard sale.

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